Nathan K5HL and K5LLA

Shot a video of my new setup. Running a K5LLA and K5HL off 11gal 150PSI with two Viair 444C 12v compressors. Let me know what you think of the sound

Cool. Personally I like the first one much more… second sounds like a truck horn tone to me while first more train note… assuming first one was the K5LA there?

Hard to tell from some recordings, but neither horn sounds right somehow. Did you test each bell?

The first blast was the K5LLA

They sound better in person. I did test each bell on the K5HL, they work just fine

They sound good to me but it’s difficult to judge from these little monitor speakers. If you notice any distortion try lowering your pressure to 125 psi.

^+1 … or move the camera further back next time maybe. They’re probably just overloading the microphone on your phone or camera.

Try reversing the #2 on the K5HL and the 1L on the K5LLA.

So that will change the sound?

Yes. It would be more noticeable if filming a run-by.

Brace yourself for too much detail :eek:

Think about how these two horns are mounted on a locomotive. K5HL’s are mounted backward with the #2 facing forward. K5LLA’s are mounted with the 1L reversed. When you reverse bell(s) you change the direction that the majority of that bell’s sound travels; this has the effect of changing which bells sound dominant over others when the vehicle is moving. The K5HL-R2 mounted backward will sound with the #2 bell dominant because the others are directing a large part of their sound toward the back. The K5LLA will play with the #1L quieter for the same reason.

Static recordings will sound pretty much the same regardless simply because you are so close to the horn. In a run-by, a camera set up at roadside will capture more of the dominant bells’ sound.

End of details

Hope this makes sense :cool: