Nathan old cast p5's f/s or f/t


i have an old cast train horn set from nathan airchime
there the p horns numbers 1-5
i want 750$obo
name is Will 813 393 8351


You’re sure it’s an OC? Pat Pend. or Pat Pending on all bells?

by telling by the price im assuming that its a NC, But thats just me…do you have any pictures

yes i have pics and Matt can vouch for the horns,he seen them over the weekend at his place

^^ I heard the horns. Very loud! Someone def. needs to jump on this and snatch them up. Good luck with the sale Will.

great horns, great price, very loud… bump

is it a first or second generation

i was informed today that they are a new cast so im gonna have to lower the price i guess.Matt didnt look very close at them,cause they are tucked under my bed. poo

o fo sho…

You don’t have to lower the price lol. Ask whatever you want for them. New P5’s sell for a grand.

i really just want the funds i have in them,but i might lose a little

If you don’t get any takers on here, you can list it on Ebay with a buy it now price. Someone out there will pay what you want for it. Also, I might know someone who might do some trading for it for a K3 so P/M me and I can hook you up with them.

talked to Matt today,they are old cast p5 back to my orignal price

Check the bells on the horn, if they say ‘Pat Pending’ they are old castings

If the bells say ‘Pat Pend’, then they are new castings

Also look at the back caps, old casting have ‘Nathan’ written twice on them, new castings just once

Please post pics, you may have a potential buyer here.

Fo sho yeah i talked to matt to about your horns and he said they are the low profile manifold not the gull wing manifold

Pics are up

I have a K3LA I’d trade for it if you’d be willing to ship that lol

Oh and by the way, it’s a new cast P5. It has “Pat Pend.” instead of “Pat Pending”

got a 1968 leslie rs3j willing to trade for that p5

i want a k3la or cash