Nathan p3 kit for my 08 f250

Hope I didn’t get here too late! Ive been wanting to add train horns on my rig for awhile and have the capability to air up my tire and to be able to operate a blow off air chuck. I found these site after I ordered my kit from I ordered on eBay because it was free shipping.

I bought this kit:

I’m mechanically inclined, I’ll be fabricating my mounting brackets and anything I need. Did I buy a good kit? I think I did, but I sure hope I did!

I’m new to the forum, I’m home to, just from browsing around on here, everybody seems pretty cool and helpful! I’m sure I’ll be needing halls help & expertise!

Here’s the rig it’s going on:

I’ve read a few threads on installs on f250’s. I’m definitely not giving up my spare tire! I’ll be mounting on each side of the frame rails near the steps. I just want to be assured I bought a good kit with good components. Thanks in advance!!

Welcome! Looks like all the components are top notch - right down to the heavy wire.

I think it’s a decent setup. K3’s are air hungry so consider adding another compressor and a larger or additional tank.

Really? Another compressor? After looking around it doesn’t seem anybody makes a bigger compressor so that you can just have one big one, what’s up with that? Would I need another 5 gallon tank?

After looking around on here, it seems most guys have a 7.5 or 10 gallon tank for these nathan horns, is that what is needed for short blasts? Or is that what’s needed to blast them like a train does?

BIGGER COMPRESSOR!! Look no further than a OASIS XD4000 haha!

Holy shiit, I was expecting around $600-$800 price tag. Ouch! Lol I guess that’s why everybody just goes with two compressors eh?

Whoa - don’t panic. haha

5 gallons is about the minimum for K3.
You bought a P3 which consumes a little less air.

You’re not going to win a horn off with a train, but it’ll get you going.

I changed the order on the compressor to the 480c. I’ll also be running a quick connect near the bumper or in the bed for an air hose for tires or a blow off tool.


I changed the order on the compressor to the 480c. I’ll also be running a quick connect near the bumper or in the bed for an air hose for tires or a blow off tool.

More justification for adding another 480c and another or larger tank, unless you have plenty of time to spare and don’t mind waiting, or bite the bullet and get an Oasis.

Got the tank and compressor mounted in the bed, the bed is always covered with the bed cover and a low profile toolbox will sit in front of the tank and compressor set up. I used heavy gauge angle iron- grinded it down to bare metal and painted it with rust oleum flat black, used cad plated grade 8 hardware- washers, bolts, lock washers, and nuts. I left some room below for another 5 gallon tank when I’m ready.

Pics are with everything just sitting there, I just bolted it all up earlier today but forgot to take pics, I’ll be mounting the horns under the truck near the transfer case. I have to fab up a bracket to bolt to the trans crossmember to bolt the horns to. Hopefully that’ll happen tomorrow or this weekend, along with the wiring.

Also- I saw in another thread that when your operating at high psi to use locktite 545 instead of thread tape?

Nice frame to get everything off the bed floor.

I’m never using teflon tape again if I can help it.

No shiit? Please fill me in my friend

I think something is up- when I blew these eith my shop compressor at 140-150 psi they were much louder. Actually rumbled my ears! They just don’t seem as loud, they’re temporarily mounted inside the toolbox, but I’ve heard from
Several people that shouldn’t make a difference. I’ll Put the psi gauge on one of the ports tomorrow and see what psi the tank is sitting at before a blast. Any ideas?

Maybe it works for some, but there were some fittings I never did stop the leaks with teflon tape. From now on it’s loctite 545 or the Permatex equivalent. Hopefully my new setup won’t leak.

Are the horns in an enclosed box? You gotta let the sound out. A couple people have mounted them under a toolbox.

Thanks, I opened the box, it’s LOUD! I just had the temporarily mounted in there, I’ll be mounting them under the truck this week. After having the wiring done I was chompin at the bit to go around blastin em so I just out em in there for the weekend.

I used Teflon tape, I wrap atleast 4 times around the threads and I haven’t knifed a leak yet- tanks hold pressure so far. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Now thats A smart and Sweet install your Air Kit looks Sexy on that rack bro all in all nice.

I agree with Ear2Ear i Had a 8.5 and never cud get the one leak to stop mine was the pepcock under tank but like he sead loctite workt out in the end.

Thanks! Ah ok, I may just re do it all with that once one of them starts to leak.

I have a 5 gallon tank for my P3’s, and also have a single Vaair compressor. I’m very happy with my system. I haven’t had a hiccup yet in the entire setup, been a few years through every climate and weather condition you can be thrown into in the USA. :slight_smile: