Nathan P3 PSI Question

I have Nathan P3 Horns. i have them separated with brackets. i have them installed on a yaris IA. i have 2 horns in the front and 1 in the back. i put the air divider in the center between all horns to get even hose length between each horn. i have the solenoid close to the tank in the trunk. im running 150PSI but it has to fill up all the hose with air before it gets to the horn. when i do a split second honk it takes the psi down to about 135 from 150.
should i run a 200 psi set up to get more pressure to the horns? they dont seem to be as loud as the use to be on my truck (more space than a darn yaris ia!) at 120 psi. im thinking im loosing too much psi. what do you think?

dont think too much you wont lose it

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The hose length after the valve should me minimized. Put the valve very close to the tee fitting.

Move the valve closer to the horns.

And remember, P3’s don’t need much pressure to sound right. Too much and you’ll damage the horns.