Nathan P5 on 2000 Ranger

Just like the title says. I bought the horn & tank from ebay and the compressors, fittings, valve and all hoses from hornblasters. Built and carpeted a mounting board that hides all wires and hoses behind the tank. Bolted everything in and got the bolts welded to the truck. Here are a few photos and the video links are at the bottom. Whatcha think?

Video - Horn On The Highway

Video - Horn Under Bridge

Nice set up…

I live in Plano and want to know how much you will charge me for the same set up??

PM sent. :slight_smile:

That is a REALLY awesome setup man, Very nicely done, i am really liking the carpet! Can you please send us some additional photos of the truck, and any other installation photographs you have so that we may use them to feature you on our website?

thats pretty sweet setup!

I thought I did a good job but to receive such feedback feels great. I saw the videos on and knew I wanted one. I never really did anything about it in till I got blasted in a Whataburger drive thru. After I heard the horns in peson I made the decision to get in gear and get it done.

DallasCowboys - I don’t do this professionally. I dabble in a little of everything so I was able to sucessfully install this horn. It’s a really simple thing to do. Just takes some time. I’m usually installing alarms or A/V in houses, audio equip in cars, working on cars, or somehow customizing motorcycles so my schedule is pretty full. If you need any help I will be more than happy, but at this time I can’t do it for you.

Matt - Thanks for thinking my install/truck deserves a feature on the website. I didn’t take many photos of the install but I will be more than willing to send you what I do have. And I can take some photos of how it looks now. Do you have an email you would like them sent to? Please let me know.

Really clean setup! I like it alot… looks really good…

Great clean looking install, time well spent, honk on.

hey wjer are you running water traps at all??

damm thats a nice set up i kinda had the same idea now i dont know what to do i dont like to copy off people… im installing mine stuff right now should have pics in a week or so… been working alot…

yea i cant wait to see ur install all complete… should be badass!

No. No water traps.

I’m tired of getting tickets and I think I may sell the horn setup completly. What do you think? Any offers?

Oh thats not cool. How many tickets have you gotten and how much were they? Because I’m the idiot who will accidentally do it right in front of a cop lol. What would it be for? Noise pollution, disturbing the peace, or what?

ive done it in front of a cop… got pulled over and played it off…no ticket…haha

u should run water traps

ya i use air tool oil in a inline oiler… so everytime i blast it coats everything… the ammount it uses is very little but it works great for me… but water traps r good also…

yeah you should put some water traps on that to keep the moisture out of the lines and out of your horns…