Need 1/2" to 1/4" reducer

Can anyone link me to a 1/2" to a 1/4" (or 5/16") reducer? Do they make them in compression or push to connect fittings?

sounds like you need a bushing. Any hardware store would have 1/2" to 1/4". 5/16 would be tough tho. Would need to know the exact sizing / male or female…

I have the viair 20005 air tank/compressor. It’s a 2 gallon kit. I thought it had a 1/4" port, but it ended up being 1/2". When I bought my shockers separately it comes with 1/4" solenoid. I need to run 1/2" air line to the 1/4" solenoid and need to know how to do that. I was assuming they made a fitting that would be 1/2" on one side, and reduces down to 5/16 or 1/4" on the other side in a compression fitting, or a ptc fitting. Any help with this?

Part #9171K66 is a brass one from Mcmaster Carr. 11 bucks. They have one that’s zinc plated, but it’s only a dollar less.

Heck if you’re buying 2, that’s half the cost of a 1/2" valve… =upgrade … =louder

Edit: Hornblasters might have a 1/4" male NPT x 1/2" PTC. There were 3/8"NPT x 1/2" PTC fittings in my first kit from them.

I ordered the 1/2" upgrade kit from HB, but I thought I was going to have to return it because I thought it was missing a couple fittings. Is it okay to attach the manifold directly to the solenoid? I didn’t think there would be an issue, I just wanted to make sure. Will the 1/2" solenoid really make them louder? It’s still 5/16" line from the manifold to the horns. Also will this reduce my honk time?

You’re good to go then. Attach the manifold right to the output of the valve. Note the direction on the valve.

I know when people upgrade the valve and airline feeding it, there’s a big difference.
The tubes to the individual bells are not the restriction.

Yeah, unfortunately more airflow means you’re using it quicker. It’s worth it though.

Good to hear. Finally got everything together and will finish the install this week. Just waiting on a friend who does car audio install to give me a hand with running the wires, and building a box with an open back to hide the compressor.

Last question. What do I need to do to prepare the tank for winter? I know it will build some moisture and it needs to be drained. Do I just put a little antifreeze in and just add more when I drain it? If so how much for a 2 gallon tank? Can that damage the shockers?

Honestly, you would be better off picking up a 1/2" solenoid… each of the horns comes with (what I got initially) a 5/16" fitting… I’ve got my horns run to a 1/2" solenoid.

^^He said he bought the 1/2" upgrade kit. I assumed that’s the one with the valve.