Need a big cmprs for my 30 gal tank.

OK, I have a Doge Durango, '02 and I been working on my train horn system for quite some time now. I have 1/2 air hoes along with many options. I can use my G.W. Valve or Solenoid wired to my factory steering wheel horn. I have a total of four different train horns that I change out about every month or so… A Nathan K5L, K3LL (with bells 1L, 1, and 2), K3HA (1, 2, and 4a), and a Leslie RS3L. Plan on getting a P3 or M3-5. Well back to my main question, I now have a 5 gallon tank in just for messing around. I want my sent up to be with the 30 gallon but the comprs I have are not filling up the tank the way I need it. They are two Viair 480c. 200psi. I don’t really need to have 200psi, but it would be nice to be close to that without my cmprs gettin too hot. Any points or suggestions? Thanks.

30 gallon tank is going to need a constant duty or straight badass compressor. 480’s will take forever-and then some for 30 gallons. Your best options are dual viaair 495c, Oasis XD3000, or quad Viiar 400c’s.

Awesome collection btw! If you want to part with one of the horns with a K1L bell, LMK! :slight_smile:

i went with dual oasis compressors…just cause i have 2 50 gallon air tanks

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Hornblasters carries all those compressors. The XD3000 can fill those 30 gallons from 0 to 150 PSI in 5.5 minutes and to 200 PSI in about 6 minutes.

those oasis compressors sound pretty badass. but the only way i could see spending over 1000 on a compressor is if i had an extremely extensive setup. sounds like you may fall into this category. also, sweet collection!

When you consider how fast they are with a 2500 hour life expectancy, their cost is about the same in the long run.

Plus you get the Baller factor

True and the fill time for 30 gallons from 0-150 is under 4 minutes right? If I’m correct that’s 37,500 fills over the life of the compressor filling from 0 or about 100,000 fills from 110 to 150 (est. 90 seconds for 110 to 150). Well worth the money and the baller factor

The fill time from 0 to 150 is about 1:45 per 10 gallons or about 5.5 minutes for 30 gallons. The top off rate from 120 to 150 is about 22 seconds per 10 gallons. Still your numbers are very close.

does anyone have a a USED oasis compressor…or does oasis sell used compressors??i kinda need one for the 20gals…even if its used it probably still has 25k 0-200 fill ups

Hey hit me up off post……either or…

Sorry, we don’t have any refurbished units or any that can be refurbished at this time.

We had one for about a year and then 4 months ago people started asking me if we had any. I finally sold it about a month ago.

i got 3 hp3000 and 5 xd3000s they are slighty used only about 20 fill ups from 0=150 psi thats it…hit me up for prices

how can i hit u up if u dont recieve pms?

yea i sent him a PM never replyed…i think that guy is all talk… no one has 8 oasis compressors…just laying around…50gallons is reasonable…i have 20…but damn this guy talking about he has 6-7 horns… hes always will to trade horns, compressors, tanks…everything…

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