need advice on an install

hi im fairly new to this forum but never posted but since i have recently renewed my interest i would like to install a K3LA on my work truck i got permission from the fleet manager to tap into the truck air tank for the air supply.

im planing to install the horns facing down right behind the steps on this pic of my work truck i posted that or some were on the frame with a custom made bracket or under the cat walk right about the drive shaft… need the experts advise thanks in advance

Welcome to the forums. I’ve seen pics of a setup just like you’re describing. Might have only been 2 bells pointed down though. And seems like there was a guy with a P3 on his rig.

Welcome to the forum - That truck is HUGE!!!:smiley:

thanks for the welcome i am thinking to actually install a P3 i would like a K3 but its gonna hurt my wallet to dish out $1000 after shipping charges $800 after shipping im comfortable with but as soon as the harvest season starts im getting the K3 horn with the 540 setup… do you have a link to the rig with the horn setup thanks in advance…

thanks bro took a while to get used to since every truck is different but there is no greater feeling then seeing the excitement on a kids face when they ask to blast the air horns on the truck with the iconic arm motion pulling the lanyard cant imagine the look once they hear a train horn…:smiley:

Here’s one…
And this doesn’t help much…
THIS is the one I was thinking of, but some of the pics are gone:

kool thanks bro