Need custom mounting brackets x 10

Well I’m getting ready to mount the k5 and p5’s to my roof how ever it’s going to be crazy high so I’m looking for a diy manifold or to buy one. Don’t feel like buying rth’s units as it’s the best part of $500 by the time it’s here in Australia

5 will be hooked up to electric valve p5 on a manual valve


How do you do an electric valve p5 to a manual valve? Not sure I follow.

Could try some Engine Mounts from the local auto parts store or some heavy duty Shelf brackets from the Hardware store. Just drill 3 holes, Tap the center hole, and done. :slight_smile:

Well electric/Manual vale is easy run a 7 port log manifold. 5 for horns one for electric one for manual.

But this car has been sold so now it’s going on Mazda bravo (ford ranger for you yanks)

Well look forward to vis and pics of your install. We love the Ford Ranger. Wasn’t avail here for a bit but seems it may be coming back soon. (Your Ford Ranger is a Mazda?)

What part of Ausrtralia? Been there twice, coast to coast and well, it holds a special place in my heart.

Im in central QLD Rockhampton.

Yea a Mazda bravo b2500.

Im gining up on the stealth under tray install all air tanks/compressors will be going into a tool box bolted to the tray. The height of under side of the tray to the supports is approx 4" my tank in 6".

Tank with 2 viar pressure switch/really combined units is arround 3ft 10" may even try to get 2 tanks 4 compressors in there.

Tank 1 will have my 2 viar 444c’s on a 165-200 pressure switch tank 2 will be a 100-120 pressure switch.

tank 1 will have a pressure reg feeding 200psi to 120psi into the 2nd tank. Tank 2 will have a line with a check valve on it.

That way tank 1 will feed tank 2 at 120psi and tank 2 can go one way into 1 at 120psi

P5 on a manual valve and K5 on electric

Can’t wait to see the end product. A K5 and P 5! sweet!