Need help truck wont start !!

hey guys need help really bad, wired everything up like it says with the fuses and the wire going to the right places and now i flip the toggle switch and my truck gauges and lights started to flicker and now the truck wont start at all !!


got truck running but still completely lost on why my horns will not workk electrical wise?



What kit do you have?
Exactly where did you connect each wire?

540 kit
ok heres how my wiring goes try and do as best as i could

Compressor- blk is grounded to frame, red is connected to wht wire on pressure switch

Pressure switch- Blu go to toggle in cab then keyed source (ignition), wht is connected to compressor, blk is grounded, red is connected to fuse underhood then battery

Valve- (both wires grey, i read it doesnt matter which is which) one i grounded, other is connected to momentary button then to a fuse then to the battery

-I have a tuner on my truck
-the blue wire from pressure switch and radio(subs) wire are in the same fuse outlet
-when i hit the toggle switch back and forth a “click” noise is coming from under my truck which i guess would be the vavle

Need help bad im dying to use these !! lol

Sounds good. If you can hear the relay when you turn on your toggle, then I would say check the wiring to the compressor. Especially the ground. Is it a good metal to metal connection? (scrape paint and/or sand rust)

Break out the test light and check your connections.

I think the problem was the tuner I had on my truck, so what I did was untune my truck back to stock and just made sure all my wires were connected and then finally connected back to the battery and hit the switch and the compressor kicked on, so I think my problem was the tuner and after everything was said and done I reinstalled my tuner and no problems

I think first of all check your battery whether it is working properly or not, check the starter motor and solenoid.

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