Need help where to mount shocker xl on 06 acura tl

I have the tank installed but can’t find a place to put the 4 horns on my car. If you have done an install on this car please help me! Thank you very much!

For cars, usually the best place is up front behind the bumper. There’s a crash bar behind the plastic bumper with a gap in front of the radiator, and they will usually fit in there somewhere, maybe with some zip ties to hold them in.

Welcome to the forum. In most cases you’ll need individual manifolds which gives you some flexibility

You could always roof mount them. :smiley:

Welcome. I agree with rjk - there’s yet to be a car seen that can’t hide the Shockers. You just have to be prepared to pull enough bits off the car to find the gaps…

But DBO, he didn’t say anything about hiding them, hence why I suggested the roof. There’s yet to be a vehicle with a roof that didn’t have enough roof space for the Shockers, K5’s, K3’s and potentially one set of each. :slight_smile:

Lol you all are funny! I am about to be home and try pulling the front bumper off. I’ll take pics if it’s installed. crosses fingers

Make sure to check the installs section on HB’s main site:


So I installed it all… But ran into a problem. When I go to honk it, it honks real quick then stops. I can keep pushing the button and hear it clicking on the valve. Is it possibly because I have the relay grounded to the negative of the battery? I’m lost! It was working earlier. That’s the only thing I’ve changed.

Touch the active (positive)wire of the air solenoid directly onto your positive battery terminal and let us know how that goes. If that fails, do the same but go direct with the negative (earth) as well.

If neither option works it’s most likely a fault with the valve, but my guess is on a bad earth or power wire.

Turned out that the main hose running from the tank to the relay was bent from the back of the car. All good now! Still loud behind the bumper, but not as loud as direct hanging out of the trunk. Lol. I did however have the power wire running to a fuse by my peddles in the car. That fuse blew though :confused: I guess I have to run it some other way. I had the switch to turn from horn to car horn ran as the power to turn the tank off when I wanted too. It was getting hot though. My guess is the wiring wasn’t big enough for actual live power and that it was meant solely for switching between car horn/ train horn. That’s my problem though. lol. Thank you all for the help! Glad to know there are decent people out there still. If anyone is near the sacramento area, hit me up! I would like to hangout with fellow horn blowers. Lol

Welcome on board the crazy train!:smiley:

@stinkypete damn you my friend have a set up!!! Wouldn’t want to piss you off on the roads! Lol