Need Help With Horns

Hi everybody I need some help I just completed my install of my conductors special horn kit and I can’t get the horns to blow when I want to. I have the valve wired to a 8 amp momentary switch that is then connected to my battery with an inline 5 amp fuse close to the battery. Sometimes they blow perfectly every time I hit the switch. Other times I have to hit the switch several times before I can get it to work. Any ideas on what the problem maybe? The switch is a simple push button two pole momentary switch you get from your local auto parts store.

So just to confirm, your wiring is like this?

+12V -> Switch -> Solenoid -> Ground

You’re not using Vampire clips to splice into wiring are you? … those things can be notorious for intermittent connections. Use good quality crimp connections or even better, solder you connections.

Apart from that, check your ground/earth wire. You could either have a bad ground connection or even a faulty switch. You just have to methodically eliminate all possible faults one by one.

The wiring is exactly like that. Prior to hooking it to my switch I connected it directly to battery just to ensure valve worked correctly. So I’m assuming it’s a good ground soleniod. Only connectors used are a butt connectors to the solenoid. The switch had the post where you insert wires and tigthen the screws down. Is there an easy way to check the switch? Another question can a rocker switched be used to easily control the solenoid?

Easy way to check the switch is to replace it. Momentary switches don’t cost much :wink:

Haha true just wanted to avoid taking that dash apart again pain in the butt. Since that was the only momentary switch I could find in my local area. Would there be any problem using a rocker switch instead of momentary push button??

No - any switch will do the trick for doing a test. The solenoid air valve doesn’t draw much power.

I had this problem too with a momentary switch. It was just a bad switch that did not make a good connection when pushed. I replaced it with a different one and it fixed the problem.

Im back in business it ended up being a bad switch thanks for all the help.

Good thing to know that everything is setup now. This thread is very informative.

Go grab a $20 soldering iron, get rid of those butt connectors. You’ll rip a wire out or get corrosion in one that’ll drive you crazy one day, if it already hasn’t happened before. And it’ll be buried somewhere and hard to get to.

A good solder and some heat shrink will eliminate any worries, and it is really simple to learn. :slight_smile:

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