Need help with installation of filter

I want someone to explain to me exactly where the filter is, what i need to open or unscrew to see if there is a filter in my compressor, right ?

Shadow Knls

P.S. Being I am a little stupid a pic with possibly a diagram/lines pointing it out would suffice the matter perfectly.

The air filter on the compressor screws on the end of the compressor. You can take a small flat screwdriver and pop the cover off to reveal the filter. I check my filter several times a year depending on the road conditions at the time. The filter box (disc) actually screws onto the end of the compressor and does not need to be removed to check/replace the filter element.

I just wanted to say Thanks a heap Buck Really appreciate the help and the diagram as I am tad stupid when it comes to these darn horns, lol

Thanks again.

Shadow Knls

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