Need Help with Silverado Nathan P3 install ! First timer !

Hey y’all, I’m new to the forum. I have a 2006 Chevrolet silverado crew cab and a set of Nathan p3 horns. I’m looking to mount these in the spare tire area since they will not fit anywhere else.
Does anyone know of someone that has done the same thing?

I’m not sure how to mount them or how to make the compressor and tank fit also. I was going for the 540 on board kit off horn blasters but not sure where to mount the tank.
Would be able to get away with a smaller tank?

I’m not looking for continuous honking, just every now and then for fun ! (I’ve heard it may get addicting and want more !

If someone could give me some advice on mounting these big boys and tank and compressor it’d be greatly appreciated ! Or link me to a build that someone did this ! :slight_smile:

Hey there… welcome to the forum. Nice way to start if you bought a set of P3’s. There’s individual brackets available through RTH on eBay which give you some better flexibility on mounting them. They’re also not that difficult to build if you got access to basic tools. Now the tank and compressors are a whole different problem and bulkier than the horns. Check out the different tank shapes available on the HB website, but you’ll want 5 gallon minimum with the Nathan’s .

The horns were actually given to me by a friend that works on the railroad ! Who knows how he got them. I just looked up those brackets and they look great but dang are they pricy ! $175 ! Dang, I was hoping to get away with a smaller tank. I’ve looked for other people doing the same thing but can’t find anything !

Welcome to the forum. Most trucks will have space for a tank somewhere along or near the frame. Don’t mount the compressor upside down if you can avoid it.

Welcome to the forum.

check out the gallery we have of past installs for ideas on where to mount everything.

It may be best not to ask haha

You will love them though. I would imagine that a flat pwice of steel and some angle iron you can make up something to mount up to the top of frame rails and “hang” the horn underneath. You may even be able to squeze the tank into that area somehow also.

As mentioned look into the photo galleries to see ideas. Best of luck to you!!!

Space for Rent

Thanks for posting this. Been trying to find more ideas. Was going to buy some horns a few months ago but let the deal slip past and have been creeping on here watching for ideas/horn options since…

I did an install of a Nathan p5 on my 2006 Silverado SS in the spare tire location! I built a custom bracket out of a piece of angle iron and made it to where I could still have my hide-a-hitch to pull a trailer with the truck. but for the tank and compressors I couldn’t find a good place to mount them under the bed so I ended up putting them in a chest style tool box in the bed and then ran the airline down to the horns. it made it a lot louder to mount the horns separately instead of using the manifold the horns came with

I will see if I can figure out how to attach pictures!

I cant get the pics to attach… but if you want to see pics you can email me at

Welcome to the forum “capell2010”. Picture size could be why they won’t attach. Can you make them smaller?