need help

i have a 2006 chevy silverado crew cab. im installing a omega 3 setup this weekend and need some ideas on where to mount everything.

Well the tank and compressor can go either on the bed rails or in the bed. That is where most people put it. As for the horns, the bed rails, spire tire location, or behind the grill if you have room. also this link may be of some help…

Hope that helps… welcome to the forum
heres a link with pretty similar horns on a silverado

put the tank/ compressor underneath the vehicle if its a seperate attacment not a tank mounted compressor…and then the horn in front of the bumper…or where your spare tire goes…??

i dont think the omegas will fit in a silverado bumper. i just put them under my truck yesterday and it was a pretty tight fit. i have a friend with an '05 silverado and he has his omegas where the spare tire used to be

Spare tire should work. Welcome to the forums

spare tire is the way to go…welcome…