Need Installing help shocker horns

Ok I just got my shocker 228vx horns need help running the wires hornblasters doesn’t show u how to wire them the way everyone does I don’t wanna install it to my Ignition switch I wanna install them to a toggle switch so one switch for to power the Compressor and the other switch for the horns and also I’ll b installing a relay as well can someone Direct me the way to installing them or draw me out a diagram how to hook up the wires thank you


wingless posted a schematic on your other thread.

The ignition wire you refer to is only a trigger to the relay normally. It’s the best way of ensuring your compressor circuit won’t start up unless you have the keys in the ignition. If you don’t want to wire it into the ignition, then just use a wire feed that has constant 12V+ and put a normal toggle switch inline with that wire.

There are a stack of wiring diagrams on this site (probably for every combination you ever wanted). Make sure you spend a bit of time using the search feature, but don’t hesitate to ask for details if you get stuck.