Need just your basic kit!!! (Yeah Right)

Was looking at the K3LA kit best of the best. But I need another air compressor. I was thinking the 400c is a good compressor but I would think one constant duty and one fast-fill would be the ticket but maybe I’m wrong. Please let me know. I was also looking that one 5 gallon tank isn’t big enough for me. I would also like to use this set up to pump up ATV tires, Slicks, car tires and so on while I’m out playing with toys. So is this possible??? I would also like to be able to put air bags on the back of my truck so I will use this system to fill the bags up also. So what else do I neeeeeeedddddddddddddddd???

Please tell me if I over killed it, I don’t mind if you hurt my feelings!!!

This is the best of the best.

I think dual 400 would be good.

Av, where aré you mounting your horns on your Truck? I have 6" lift but im concerned that they hang low on that H manifold.

You’ll need to step that K3LA up to at least a K5LA or K5HA for the “best of the best”. I run a 12 gal tank with dual 444Cs, you can use dual 480Cs also. Check out mine and other install threads for ideas.

Spare tire…

can you see that from behind you? would you be able to take a pic :smiley:

I will have to check that out…

I noticed the K3 said it was only good for a 5 second blast which is longer then most people think but I don’t think it is long enough for me.

K5 you said. I will have to go back and listen to them. If I remember from before I really didn’t like the sound clips but it could be just the clips them selves.