Need lanyard controlled SPST momentary contact on-off switch

Hi all, first post!

I’m looking for a lanyard-controlled SPST momentary contact normally-off switch to use to control my train air horn system. I already have a fully functioning air horn system on my Jeep that runs off a belt driven York F210 compressor that doubles at providing air for air tools on offroad trails as well as airing up my tires after I’m done offroading.

The only problem is that I have to push an overhead button located on a mount welded to my rollcage to blast the air horn and it’s not all that convenient. I’d like to mount an overhead lanyard pull momentary contact on-off switch but I can’t find one. Can anyone help?

Again, everything works fine. I already have a solenoid actuated air valve controlled by a momentary contact push-button switch. I just want to replace that push-button switch with an overhead lanyard switch much like the truckers use.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Those trucker pull cables are available all over Ebay. Just search for “horn valve” or something, you’ll see them.

Great, do you have a link?

If you know where on eBay I can find exactly what I described above, you’re a better man than I am. Remember, I am only looking for the lanyard operated electrical on-off switch itself, not an air valve or solenoid actuated air valve etc. Chain actuated air valves I can find, a lanyard actuated electrical switch to control my solenoid air valve I can’t.

So if you can find it where I have failed over the past couple months of on and off-again searching, a link to the lanyard operated electrical on-off switch you say is available on eBay, that would be much appreciated.

so you want a manual air valve The problem is these valves have a very small oriface 1/8 of an inch which is too small for train horns. my recomendation to you is to get a graham white or seige engineering manual valve (which has the same specs as a graham white for 100 bucks cheaper) these valves have 1/2 inch ports and can be mounted overhead. They also have holes at the end of the handle that you can run a lanyard through to pull the valve open

Nver seen an electrical pull valve but im sure they are made. I have loked for one as well

Oh sorry, no I don’t know anything about those, I’ve never heard of an electric lanyard valve.

It’s not an electrical pull valve I’m looking for, I need a lanyard operated electrical switch to actuate my already installed electric air valve. :slight_smile:

Finally… after many months of not seeing the switch I remembered seeing on ebay, it’s just now back again. From its photo it looks used and maybe homemade but it’ll work. Mission accomplished. :slight_smile:

they look to be some high prices lil suckers

Heh, thanks. That’d work but it’s about $285 more than I’m willing to spend. :eek::smiley:

yowzer they are proud of those

BTW, welcome to the forum.

Radio Shack has all kinds of switches but I don’t know about lanyard controlled ones. You might be able to rig up something where the lanyard activates a standard SPST momentary switch.

safe vehicle products sells them.

they are basically a push/pull momentary on/off switch attached to a piece of sheet metal and about 16 inches of small chain. its designed so that you dont have to run air lines up in your vehicle…

12 volt normally open pull to close momentary switch… meaning normally off, pull on, release and it returns to off. It has a stud with a 3/32" hole that you can spin one of those ringy things for keys in and attach a cable to.
Got mine for 15 bucks shipped to my door from a site called IPS depot.

I was looking for the same thing for about 4 years now, I never thought to look but when I was doing some work on our fire truck i noticed it had the switch, not a valve and googled the part number right after i changed my drawers and took a xanax to calm myself down.