Need momentary switch help

I wan to go with the horn blasters kit from Amazon.

HornBlasters Shocker 2 Gallon Train Horn Kit

However, I don’t know how to make a momentary switch set up in my car.

Jetta GLI 2013

Any ideas on a company that would make something work for my console? So I can fit the momentary switch in an empty spot?

Not sure if this is any help? Basically it looks like they may in fact make one for your car? The switch in this forum thread is using a momentary switch to operate a garage door opener, so they must make one? Then either leave the garage door logo on the switch or use a bit of thinners to take the picture off the switch!:smiley:


Yes I have seen this forum! I guess I could use one of these. I was thinking about drilling the ones that are in there now. I am afraid of breaking it but I can risk it and see.

I did something similar on my Vitara. I just went down to the dealer and bought a spare switch from them and then put a new face on it. Those OEM switches can cost a heap of money though.

I would suggest a couple of options:

  1. Take the switch blank (i.e. an empty button location) out of the console. They should pop out fairly easy. They should just be a plastic part. You can drill that and mount a normal push button switch of your liking to it. Probably the cheapest way to go.
  2. Try visit a motor wrecker and see if you can get an OEM switch out of a wrecked car.

Most of the time, half the battle is in figuring out how to get the console parts off without breaking something :slight_smile: - good luck.

Cool, I did the same in my Swift. Bought a “Illumi Cancel” switch on eBay and modded it to be momentary, and put it in an empty slot :slight_smile:

Can you tell me where you got that face for the button? I still have it with the “Illumi Cancel” text on it, but a horn icon would be nice

Design I just made up in CorelDraw. It was then printed on a laser and then covered with a stencil cut vinyl applied over the top so that light wouldn’t shine through the black areas. I’ve attached a PDF of the design file I did (it has a few different ideas) - you should be able to import these into most packages to do something similar.



Or there’s something like this?


An absolutely SUPERB option Stinky - nice find man!
I might just go buy a few of these to rig up in various places … e.g, the front door bell comes to mind:)