need some help!!!

i plan on getting train horns though im not sure which ones yet so i could use some help there but i mainly need help on where to install the compressor since it cannot get wet. I already decided to put my horns in the bed of my truck but don’t know where to place the compressor since i have no toolbox (don’t like the look of them) or a cover. Any advice would be great and if it helps i drive a 08 ford ranger xl. thanks guys

Welcome to the site… look on @ the installs section, and you will get many ideas.
Most guys mount them to the frame of there truck. Just use bolts, lock nuts, and loctite to make sure it dont rattle loose.

Welcome. So do you have a budget?
The compressor can get a little wet, but the air intake has to stay dry. A lot of the Viair compressors come with a remote mount air intake kit so you can route it to a dry place.

Most or all modern Viair compressors are sealed, and I heard from an employee that some models are or will get a really good Mil-spec rating against dust and water, like constant low pressure jets of water no problem, something like IP55. The air intake however does need to be dust and water free.
Contact them to see for sure.

Welcome to the forum. The air intake filter should be in a dry location for all compressors.