Need Some Ideas On Compressor and Tank Mounting

Hey guys,

I had some Ideas in my head for my truck, i have a 2001 chevy silverado. i wanted to mount the tank and comps in my bed, i was just going to mount them on a nice alumium frame and be done with it, i seen someother pics so if anyone has any ideas please let me know… i wanna be different, i like the while carpet idea, i thought about that also but i dont wanna copy trying to keep it different… or leave something here… here are some pics i have so far

2 sets of k5’s
19 gal tank
4 480C comps
custom switch pannel with compressor lights


Custom Bracket

Custom Pannel

Side View

So please let me know what everyone thinks, i think im gonna do the carpeted box in the bed of my truck, any ideas are very welcome…

and remember HONK HONK HONK…

Special Thanks To matt, Garret, And Tiernan @ HornBlasters

Thats awesome!! I love it!
Now i want to add another k5la!! haha

Id love 2 hear both of them at the same time

Thanks man, alot of work trying to think how to do the finish install, i blew them both at the same time at my auto body shop. at 175 psi and i heard to echo through the valley about 9 times, def get another set well worth it :slight_smile:

Sweet setup Johnny! That things got to be LOUD!!!

I am jealous.LOL

johnny NOW thats got to be LOUD. you have some dough just in the horns,do your lights dim when the 4 pumps are running??:smiley: nice set up bro!

i dont know yet… i just ordered the shit… but im sure they will but ill take care of that :smiley:

very very loud tho well worth it

I now have a new goal! haha! ima have to see if i can fit another k5la like that under my avalanche

the sky is the limit, if it dont fit…make it…

Man nice set up… Just about all of you guys are making me jealous… Everyone got bigger tank the me… I am going to have to fix that somehow.

haha i like that… ima def have to do it now!