need some ideas

Hey Ya’ll,

I need some ideas on where to STUFF my Nathan p5’s and tanks/compressors on/under my new F150 SCREW Ecoboost. NEED SOME IDEAS FELLAS…THERE ISN’T MUCH ROOM UNDER THIS TRUCK AS COMPARED TO MY F350 SRW FX4. THANKS Mark

Some have put them in front of the radiator, some where the spare tire goes, and some right in the bed of the truck if they have a bed cover.

thanks mine is a Ecoboost so I don’t wanna block the Intercooler/or the radiator.I don’t have a bed cover and they won’t fit up-under my tool box, and i don’t really wanna loose my spare tire…decisions-decisions…thanks Dan keep the ideas coming

There are bracket kits for P5s if you want to go that route. Are you going to put the air setup in the toolbox? Or trying to fit all underneath?

thanks, what are the bracket kits you speak of ? I had everything under my F350 tanks/compressor/horns but I don’t have NEARLY enough room . I have thought about putting them infront of the spare tire/above the drive shaft, however that might interfear with my gooseneck hitch when I get that installed. I would like to put my compressors in my tool box to help save them from the eliments. MP

Link sent in PM.

thanks, that helps alot

@ too loud, i have an f-250 and want to mount my p5’s and air set up under the truck can you tell me how/ where u mounted everything? i cant seem to fit my p5’s under the truck without getting custom brackets thanks