New addition to my ram

was looking at an electric roof but no way in hell i’m going to throw down that much money on electric lol

how much?

I had one put in my Tundra a few years ago… full electric, disappears under the roof when fully open. They run anywhere from $1200-$1800. I have the Webasto.

yeah i didnt have that much it was $400 installed includeing the new headliner. the spoiler type electric they had a display for $550 and the inbuilt like your talking about lance for 1200.

the pop up is just fine with me my hand workd fine reaching up to open it lol and it does come all the way out the electric spoiler only opened up avout 3/4 of the way

thats sweet, i’d like to get one but dont know if i could trust anyone cutting into my baby! lol

Lol same here…looks pretty cool though. Did you notice a drastic increase in wind noise?

I have straight pipe exhaust so i dont hear anything lol

nice…on my xterra i have a basket right about where the glass would be so theres really no point for me unless i took the basket off

take it off that basket is a waste lol =P

Looks great man. I’d love to have a sunroof, but don’t know if I’m willing to get a hole cut in the roof haha. I hope it doesn’t leak at all!

then i have the fairing there…lol which will block it also LOL…and i sometimes use the basket

nice version looks good! i want one on my cady lol

looks good man… Very Nice

I’d like to do that to my F250. It’s one of the things I miss from my old F150.