New addition to the family

well i really didnt like the way the p5 sounded so traded it in on a k3ha
heres some pics…

Before painting…

after painting…

from the front…

and from the back…

heres the steel plate i welded in for the mount i know thewelds look a little sloppy but i didnt do it lol but it holds so… UNF!

More pics will be added once i get the install going…

Sick dude. that paint is crazy

Looks nice… too bad you’re going to hide it under a truck :rolleyes: lol

at least it wont sit on a shelf =P

good job i like it

nice… i love the k3ha that poop is loud

dude thats a sick paint job, bet it sounds great

Well done on the paint man.

Those look so good!

hey so if i were to repaint my k5la like yours is there anything i need to watch out for or can i pretty much paint over everything?

lightly scuff it up with a VERRY fine sand paper like 300 grit or use a light buffing with a scotch brite pad to scuff the surface, wash them off and then wipe them with some mineral spirits to get any finger print oil off and paint

Very sexy set Version. I gotta give you poop about that weld though lol. For fucks sake brother turn down the wire speed and give it more heat! You should of asked me to weld that son lol. Your right though it’ll hold up I just felt like givin ya poop about. Love them horns man :slight_smile:

i didnt weld it lol my uncle did with a pos harbor freight welder and it was his first time welding above his head laying in the ground lol

Looks awesome!

Great paint job.