New Alternator?

I was curious if would need my alternator

oem output is 140amp
Im adding dual 480c (40amp draw combined) and i also have subwoofers powered by a 500w @ 1ohm amp (sorry i couldn’t find the amp draw)


amps equals wats devided by volts so the amp draws 41amps

you should be ok just keep a eye on your volt meater on your dash should not be much under 12 volts. also the faster the engine is turning the more power its makeing. so sitting at red light will make less power then going down the road

extra batteries always help, my cady has the stock alt. i run a system with 2 12"s, viair 380c, and an led underbody kit on a red top optima battery. everything runs perfect

80 amps for the compressors and 41 for your subwoofers, what about the rest of your sound system and the vehicle’s requirements. Take all of that into account when deciding on an alternator.

Brizzal has it right, a really good battery could be all you need but that depends on how long the compressors sit idle for the battery to recharge.

i just upgraded my alternator to the 200amp conversion its really easy…

200 amps @ what rpm? That’s still really good for charging a battery while driving around.

you shouldnt need a new battery or alt for a 500 watt stereo system. much more than 1300 is where you need to add batteries and HO alts. but a solid battery is a start.

Battery - definitely, alternator - maybe, especially when your compressor is 2K watts.

if u can afford it…then go ahead…thats all

Yeah, high output alternators aren’t cheap and neither are really good batteries.