new and buying right now!!!!!

whats up fellow HONKERS i am new and buying as i type!!! :slight_smile:

ohhhhh crap just bought my first train horn!!! Cant wait can we say shocker!!! Oh hell ya

Congratz buddy!

You wont be let down. I love my shockers

Same here…what exactly did u order

welcome! What kit did u order??

shocker 240 kit

nice welcome!

everyone seems to like shockers!

shockers are the bomb! welcome to the forums

I do agree

congrats man. In their ad it says 3/8 line but you get the 1/2 line :slight_smile: I havent finished my install yet (missing a piece) but it should be done soon.


cool i cant wait i want them now!!!

Congrats! Welcome! and thank you for your business!

nice choice u will love the s4 trust me! u will run them at 150 or 200 psi?

i am going to run them at 150 for now but the guy at horn blasters told me i can upgrade to 200 for about $30 to $40 when i am ready

ok try the 150 psi… but trust me upgrade as soon as u can to 200 psi!!! trust me it sound more loud but not that it sounds a lot deeper!!! i will get a vid of my two set of S4 today at 200 psi so u can see how they sound.

eh i like mine at 150… you guys with the 200psi setup are just compensating for something… HAHA


Yeah, but we can honk longer and… honk at 150!!