-= New and improved PhyschoBlasters! =-

Hey guys!

We wanted to let everyone know we are releasing our new and improved Physchoblasters! These are much louder and alot better built then the old ones!

Here’s a photo of our retail box :wink:

We’re going to go ahead and introduce these at the low price of $99!

Let us know if you have any questions !?!

whats the differences between these and the older ones? in both tone and size

I’d love some. I have the shocker 4 kit. How would I install these? In place of a horn? Or how would it work? Let me know and I’ll buy

Louder! Deeper sound! 200 PSI Rated!

YA BBBOOOOIIII!!! These things are B-E-A-UTIFUL guys!! I’m definitely gonna throw a pair on my truck.

The nicest chrome Dual Tone I’ve seen.

Anyone? Lol

airline to the valve and then to the horn… hook up the valve with a ground and the positive to a push button and then to the battery. its simple

When are you guys going to post up a video clip of them?

I might need a set of the wife’s truck … she’s been bit by horn bug, too.


X2… I’d love to hear a video. And as soon as these come available I’ll def buy a set

They are awesome

I’m really curious about the tone…

Shan any chance of getting a video of them in use?

I Will See what I can do. i hope my Droid will actually record the sheer awesomeness of theses bad oven little horns