New bells...

Got some new bells here but wondering if I should worry about this one here…

Is that some jbweld there on the bell where the crack looking spot is?

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Looks like a casting flaw.

What’s the worry about? … even if it is a bit of JB, it’s not going to make any diff apart from the cosmetic look.

Theres an aluminum filler that can be polished or painted, if thats a concern. I have a K5HL thats full of casting flaws.

So shouldn’t need to worry about further cracking from that spot?

And should be able to still safely spray primer and paint this area with no issues?

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I would say no need to worry. Primer and paint wont hurt anything. Fill in the spot, sand it smooth. You’ll never know it was there. I just started polishing the bells on a nathan. I guess they started using really dirty recycled aluminum as I am getting different shades of color in the metal as I go. Which is where casting flaws start to get really noticeable. The “dirty metal” gets bubbly or doesn’t fuse correctly when its melted and pored into the casting, I’ll post a pic later. Kind of bummed about it, may just paint them instead.

K-horns are die cast, not poured into molds. The metal used is pot metal, in this case a combination of aluminum and zinc. I have seen these little cracks in the dozens of K’s I have worked on, they are harmless.