New camera, clean truck, and HIDs

Since I finally got my new camera I decided to clean the truck up and get some nice pictures.

Here’s the HIDs. 5000k from Apexcone.

And some random things you might have not known I had.

Interior pieces painted black

LED dome light

GMPP Intake

And here’s some shots of my mom’s Outlook just because

Let me know what you think

nice and clean!

very nice

did you plan to have your reflection in the bumper on that first shot?


Not at all actually. haha


very nice and clean!

Very nice man! Some nice HID’s for the foglight would be sick.


i think he has em

The foglights are still stock at the moment. I might do HIDs in them in the future. We’ll see

Very nice truck, looks awesome.

Only thing i don’t like is that the GMC logo is missing, for some reason I like the company’s logo on my grille.

do you have any plans on where you will be mounting your horns and compresser?i have a 2006 chevy silverado crew cab. im planing on installing my k3 this weekend and im having trouble finding places to mount everything

looks sick. I hate apexcone i ordered 2 sets of 55w 10,000k hids for my headlights and fog lights and they sent me pure white ones. I sent the bulbs back and they sent me pure white ones again. Still looks awesome just not blue.

I thought about mounting the horns face down behind the grille and then the tank and compressor under the bed somewhere. That’s just my thought though, I haven’t really planned it out in detail.

i was able to mount them in the grill.there mounted on a 2 inch by 3 foot alum. flat bar.i have the tank in the bed.i had to angle each horn a little.but it all came together.i think i did pretty good for my first horn install.the horn i have is not a k3 its a omega 3.i will be posting some pics soon.relly the only problem i had was mounting the manifold block.but im happy with i want more horns and a bigger tank.