New Forum - Pardon Our Dust

Howdy all! We just wanted to bring everyone up to date on the status of the forums and what’s going on.

A few months ago, the forums crashed and our database suffered some corruption which resulted in the loss of some data from early 2019 to mid 2020. We were able to bring back all of the posts and data from before that time period, thankfully.

Our forums were based on software that’s not being developed anymore and it was a few versions old. We made the decision to invest in a new forum platform to allow us to keep this community alive and modernize with the times.

In the coming days and weeks we will be updating the look and feel of the forums, so we appreciate you bearing with us as we fine tune the experience. The forums will continue to function as normal from here on out but the way things look will change.

Thanks for all of the contributions over the years and we look forward to growing the community from here!

Thanks for the work and for restoring the forum. Great job!

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Thanks for this update!