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Hows it going everyone, I’m new to the forum I’m just getting into the real train horns. I Just got a great deal on a leslie supertyfon in excellent condition that has a # plate on the back that says its an L3LR. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the air supply, PSI, and the size of tubing inside diameter, and size of valve to go with. And is this a good horn. I have them mounted under a lowered b2200 mazda, I relocated the spare and built a bracket out of 1/4 steel flat bar. They look like they were made to go in that spot. To be such a large set of horns you would have to actually get under the truck to really notice them.

welcome to the forums… for a leslie go with maximum of 140 psi and minimumof 1/2 air line and 1/2 valve

same as ^^^^ i have a set of leslies as well that im gathering parts and pieces to install. ive decided to run them at about 140-145 and no more. running more psi than that will damage the diaphrams and power chambers. What kind of air system are you using and welcome to the forums… as i have found, you can learn alot here. btw… great set of horns just use alot of air

recomened more than 8 gallons of air…1/2 air valve…

5 gallon tank would work too. That’s what I use.

I don’t have a tank or compressor yet. I didn’t wanna go out and buy something under sized. I have about 50’ 1/2" poly tube that I was thinking about using. I’m gonna order a 1/2 valve from hornblasters, and I’m looking at the 5 gallon viair setups. Man I cant wait to get these monsters working!
I didn’t realize how much air the leslies consume until I read some posts on here.

Are the leslies worth having to get a larger air supply. I’ve heard some sound clips, but its different from hearing them in person.

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Thanks, good to be here!

depends on if you want to honk for a short period and wait for the compressor to fill it back up. or if you have room and the funds, you could get a large tank and blow for awhile. also, you would need more compressors for a larger tank… something to think about.

Welcome, you won’t have wait long with an Oasis compressor, also no tank size limit.

Thanks. I have looked at your website, and I like the xd3000 & xd4000. How do I get pricing on these?

Hornblasters carries the XD3000 and you’ll get a better deal from them than you will from me. I’ve quoted them on an XD4000 but unless you plan to run the compressor for more than 1/2 hour out of every hour then stick with the XD3000. The XD4000 has the same performance but is just designed to run at 200 PSI continuously for hours.

Thanks man, I didn’t realize they carried oasis.

hornblasters carries tons of stuff that they dont put on the site, welcome to the forum!

Thanks, glad to be here. Nice caddy!

It is on their website under products & air compressors

Man those things are pricy! They look like they’re made well though.

They are industrial grade delivering the equivalent of 4 to 6 of the smaller compressors.

They are bada$$ one day i will have one lol