new from MD

i got the shocker 232 on my pick up. lookin for k5la or nathan p-5. anybody who can point me in the right direction of fairly cheap offers would be great

Keep an eye on the classifieds here… there will be a few every once in a while.


Hello and welcome to the forums best bet is the classifieds horns are poping up in their once and a while.

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Welcome! You can watch eBay too.

you might try the for sale section on

welcome to the board… what part of MD?

Hello, I am new too, I like this forum! I think I will make lot of friends here :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Why was “ligiahag7902” banned?

looks like it was a bot… Profile shows advertising movies in signature. This was a reported post someone hit with the banhammer.

Twist banned her

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he must have had a good reason but there isn’t a signature or anything else that indicates a spammer, at least not any more.

I love me some ban hammer!

Going into his signature thru the MOD control board i can see he was advertising some movie site… I have banned several of these bots myself also in the past…

Awww, but they thought they would make lot of friends here. LOL. Gotta hate that crap