New from NC

Just turned 68 in Dec, retired boat mechanic, also aircraft, plus worked on helicopters in the Army, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. I am fascinated by these train horns, have loved steam locomotives for years, but I admit that these diesel horns are pretty cool, especially since I havent been able to figure out how to intall a steam horn on my car and truck lol.
I am here to meet some new folks and learn more about what may be my newest hobby!
Howdy y’all!

Welcome to the forum Pete. I’m sure with your history, you’ll have no issues in getting a rig installed in no time. Lots of good info and friendly advice here - feel free to ask any questions you have.

Thank you sir, for your welcome. I confess I am a bit overwhelmed by the input from the Hornblasters catalog and Oasis. I am sure that the Oasis compressor/tank systems are superior to the ones offered by Hornblasters, but I havent seen any of their prices yet.
I am attracted to the S4 Shockwave set-up for around $600 turnkey, but the Nathans, they call to me! LOL Its just that $2000 for a horn is hard to justify on retirement pay BUT on the other hand the Nathans can be considered a lifetime investment.
I think the Nathans are winning, help me, help meeeeeeeee

HAHA… bitten by the bug early. Look, Shockers are fantastic, but if you want a set of Airchimes, just go straight for that otherwise you’ll end up with both and I promise you that you will not want to give up either set. Keep an eye out on Ebay or the sales forum here or on the Horn & Whistle Board. You will find a set for far less than 2 grand.

Well, I DO have two vehicles, one is a little Toyota Corolla, the shockers may be better for that one, the other is a Mazda midsize, which has more room under the hood, I think.
My goal for both is to KISS(Keep it Simple, Stupid) so that the equipment can be easily removed for installation in other vehicles in the future. I am also trying to figure out how to fit the K5LA’s on a '97 Sportster, but I just cant quite see it! ROFLMAO!!!

Welcome to the forum. Hornblasters sell Oasis compressors with a 3 foot stainless steel braided hose and check/unloader valve. You can find them under “Constant Duty Air Compressors”. Their XD3000 specs could be misleading to some people. It has a maximum pressure of 200 psi and a 100% duty cycle @ 100 psi, not 200, when the ambient temperature is 75 degrees F or less!

Thanks to all for the welcome. I have used air tools all my life. I have seen and used many different types of compressors for many different jobs. Fortunately I have mostly used those compressors that belonged to my employers. I say fortunately because I find the statistics about performance mostly confusing.
This is going to be the first time that I buy one(or more)for myself and I need to be careful, because buying the wrong one can be costly.
I suspect that I should probably either find or start an appropriate thread in which to voice my questions, since “New from NC” no longer is the subject here.
Since I am the newby, can someone advise me of a thread where I can ask about specifications and performance without boring the snot out of those not interested?