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Hey guys, New guy from Tennesee!
I wanna buy the HornBlasters Conductor’s Special Model 540 Train Horn Kit buy was wondering how long i can blow the horns and how long it will take to fill it back up? And do forum memebers still get 10% off the first purchase?

Thanks for the help guys!

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thats a good kit… u can get a fair amount of blasting out of it and refills fast from 110 to 145…

have to call 1-877-209-8179 to see if theres still a discount

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•Max Honk Time: 10 to 14 Seconds (from your link) but it didn’t have the refill rate.

it had a refill rate. 1min 45sec from 110 to 145psi

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sorry 110 to 150

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okay thanks guys!
where can i buy a longer hose that goes from the compressor to the tank? any ideas?

Check with Hornblasters, I’d bet they have a source or know one.

We only carry a 3 foot stainless steel one with 3/8" NPT male fittings and one swivels.

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