new from TPA -FL (SOG)

New to the Forums, Its good to know others are out there. I am saving up from my real horn kit. Currently have a pos air horn from harbor-freight, works but not loud. Any ideals on a kit for a Kia Soul?

Welcome to the forum.

I don’t know enough to help you with installation or horns but I can usually help with air compressors, mainly ours.

Welcome to the forum. Best horn set for small car installations is undoubtedly the Shocker from Hornblasters. The kit sizes differ mainly in terms of the air supply (i.e. tank size and compressor).

We have someone on here with a Honda Civic hatchback with a K3 installed (username: Honduhh ?) and there’s an install section you might want to check out.


I’ll second that. Shockers can fit just about anywhere you need.:D:D:D