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Hey everyone, just found this forum and figured I’d join to learn more about nathans. I’m looking to upgrade soon from my shocker xl’s to the k5la or something similar. I’ve just got a 280C running 150psi to a 3 gal tank so far. But, the nathan will have 5 gal and 200psi.

Any info on which model i should look for/build will be greatly appreciated!

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We don’t recommend more than 150 PSI but they can handle it. It may shorten the lifespan of the diaphragm. I also wouldn’t go any less than 5 gallons of air and less than a 400c compressor.

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Alright ill keep that in mind, so I guess for now ill just use my 280c with a 5 gal. until i can save up for the 480c

Your 280c will struggle, It will take ages to refill it. I’d keep saving, else you could murder your compressor:(

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welcome to the forum! Like everyone said your compressor is designed to fill up to a certain amount of gallons of air. Go with the 480C. or if you have extra room under your hood, A York 210. :smiley:

Agreed that the 280c will struggle to keep a 5 gallon filled.

great advice. picked up a k5la today with a manual valve for $500. internals look brand new!

That’s a great price! What type of manual valve was it?

The only thing it says is siege engineering. Didnt they go out of business? Its 1/2 inch

Got a pic?

Not right now but its identical to the hornblasters one

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