New Grover 1510 is struggling...ideas?

Hey all - brand new Grover 1510. Running it off the 1.5 gallon Viair compressor/tank kit. Ran it with 1/4 line and it really wasn’t that great, so upgraded everything to 1/2" and put a regular on the line just after it leaves the compressor.

Aaaaaand it sounds like crap.

I read it really wants to be around 110 psi, but it sounds AWFUL - like it’s overblowing. It won’t sound “normal” until 80 psi or so. But it’s really not that loud and it definitely lacks that 1510 “melt your face off” quality.

One thing I’m wondering - my in-line regulator seems to change the pressure it’s regulating based on how much psi is left in the tank. It fills to 120 psi then I believe kicks back on when it falls below 90. Which also changes the pressure that the regulator is allowing through. And believe me, when it falls below 60 psi, whatever party there has been is absolutely over.

I did fool with tuning it but it didn’t seem to solve the problem.

I e-mailed Grover today but haven’t heard back yet.

Any ideas? Kinda bummed that I finally got all this set up and the result is really meh…there’s no excuse with a brand new Grover 1510 and 1/2" line for this thing not be perfect!!

Thanks all.

You’ve already explained and answered your problem; too much air gets to the Grover and it’s overblown.

Get the Shocker and be done with it.


But there’s tens of thousands of successful installations across the country and all over YouTube - there’s got to be a reason I’m the only one having trouble! Grover themselves recommended 1/2" line…

Sounds like your regulator is not up to the job.


So I disassembled the sound unit just to see if the gasket was where it should be. I was really surprised at the spring - it was noticeably weak. So I swapped it out with another I had and the difference it night and day. So - that likely explains why 120 psi was maxing the horn out!

Second issue identified - the line I was using has a massive kink in it between the solenoid and horn. So a few questions as I try to best solve this:

The solenoid is about a foot and a half behind behind horn, but the line has to enter the horn at a 90 degree angle.

  1. Does the solenoid need to be closer than a foot and a half from the horn itself? I could probably figure out how to reconfigure if necessary.

  2. To get rid of the kink, would I be better off to get a stronger line that would curve 6" or so to make the 90 degree turn instead of kink, or can I put a 90 degree elbow going into the horn, allowing the line to make a straight shot from solenoid to horn?

Thanks all - getting there!!

PS - I think the solenoid is doing OK; I think the pressure was only dropping because that’s how low the tank pressure had gotten - duh…

Final update!

Moved things around a bit and got more fittings such that the solenoid is only 12" from the horn and it’s a straight shot for the line. Between that and the new spring, this thing is LOUD!!! And addictive :slight_smile: honestly I’m almost afraid to use it!!

I really appreciate the help I got here. And I don’t appreciate never hearing back from Grover after e-mailing then last Friday…