New guy from CA

I would just like to say hello to everyone. I’m new here from California. I’m in the process of installing an on board air system in my '04 silverado. Just waiting on some of my parts to come in. I’ll also be in stalling some Hadley air horn. In the future I’d like to install some real air horns from hornblasters.

welcome to the forum

Welcome and post up some pics!


welcome aboard!

I’m the guy who put the onboard air systems together for VIAIR originally. If you need any help, please let me know.

If you know your basic parts list, please specify what you’re using and if you’re waiting on your OBA to come in, I can send you a digital version of the instruction manual that most closely matches your setup.

Planning it all out takes a good chunk of time out of your installation!

And -

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome, hope you have fun here and learn lots of stuff :slight_smile:



welcome ive got a 24" hadley horn myself

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

Here’s my truck. I’ll post some more pics of the stuff I have tomorrow.

Cool. I didn’t go with a complete kit. I went with dual 480c, a 5 gallon tank from firestone, and you 20052 hook up kit. The tank is going were my spare tire went and I’m thinking of fabing up a box to mount the compressors and relays to go in front of the differential.

One word of caution using the pressure switch with relay that comes with the 20052…

It contains a pressure switch and a relay. Using it to power both compressors may overload the relay. Get a 40-amp relay for one of your pumps and tie into power from the other relay. This will keep the single relay in the pressure switch/relay combination from becoming overloaded.

I’d be happy to send you a copy of the dual compressor OBA instructions. Other than heavier gauge wire - the installation is virtually the same.

I was going to use 3 relays. I’m going to wire up the 2 relays that come with the pumps then from the relays I’m go to wire them to the relay/pressure switch.


I took the liberty of sending you an OBA Manual that most closely resembles your installation.

Badass truck!!!

And welcome! :smiley:


Thank you.

As you can see there are enough of us here in CA to offer quick help

Where in CA are you? If in Southern CA, Orange County area - bring your truck by VIAIR sometime so I can see how your OBA turned out !

I’d be glad to blast my horns for ya’! (If I have the truck at work that day…)