New guy from ky

Hi every one i am from western ky. I just ordered a set of the bandit quatros I know now i prob should have went bigger but they will do for now. I am putting them in my air bagged 1991 s10. Is anyone else running the bandits?

welcome to the forum

where in Western Ky are you? Im in Lexington

Im in marion ky about as far west as you can go lol

welcome, someone should know about bandit quatros but not me.

Ah yes, Kentucky, my cousins used to call it the Cincinnati Zoo…lol.

Do you guys have any good ones regarding Cincy or Ohio?

Welcome and those are nice rides there…

LOL not that i know of i am more down toward illinois we got a few for them

Thanks that was at s small local show mi

welcome to the forum! im in the process of baggin my cady

thats right and how is it going? have you mounted the front ones yet?

Sweet i just got done baggin 2 s10s how far have you got?

i can modify cars all day long, but i just dont know enough about the suspension to complete this project, the rears im just swaping out with some firestone bags. The fronts i have struts with the spring on top, i bought the strut bags to put in but then again i dont know enough to do it myself…

I havent dealt with struts alot but the way i always understood them was you just take the coil off then your bag kit should have some lil plates that weld to the strut body in place of the but like i say never really meesed with struts but once lol good luck with it though ive seen a few bagged and body dropped caddy’s and they always look SWEET:D

yea they bags came with the plates and bearings, i might just find someone down here to install them and ill do the piping and electrical

lol thats what i did on my first bagged truck i had a shop do it with the instructions they didnt work on it unless i was there so i could learn how everything worked