New Guy from Maryland

I am just finishing up my install of a dual 480C, dual 5 gallon tank, Hornblasters Shocker setup. You all have been a big help with the pictures and comments you have on this site.
I have the horns mounted, the 2 tanks are mounted, and one of the compressors is mounted (inside of a plastic battery box). Since this is a 200 psi system I am also going to mount a couple of air connections for tires, tools, etc. I have one more compressor to mount, plumb and wire everything and then hit the button.
I look forward to all of your valuable information and hope I can make a few contributions along the way.
I am taking pictures and will post them as soon as I finish.
Drive safe. Bigdon68

Welcome to the forum. Pics are always appreciated. It’s not always a good idea to run your horns at 200 PSI. They may be louder but they’ll be distorted and its hard on the diaphrams.

Thanks for the input. I am not running my horns at 200 psi. I have a 200 psi system and a regulator between the tanks. The horns will run off of the 2nd tank at about 140-150 psi.

Thanks again. bogdon68