New guy from Miami

Hey guys im new on the forum and im looking for a little bit of help. Ive been a fan hornblasters for a while now but havent had the time to register and get on here but now i have. My current set up is the Omega 3 horn with the small 2 gallon tank i think and the compressor. But it seems like these days everyone in MIami has train horns and they all sound the same. I still havent heard any like the hornblasters kits or the K5LA. So next year for my b-day i want to upgrade and buy the shockers!!! I want to know which kit i should get that i would still be able to run the 3 horn setup that i have now plus the shockers, basically im guessing one with a bigger air tank. I would really appreciate you guys helping me out and being part of the hornblasters family. Thanks guys and god bless

Welcome. Shockers are an awesome choice, thats what i have ran as well as the psychoblasters… I use a 5 gallon tank, and its definitely sufficient for my honking style. So anything with a 5+ gallon setup and your golden.

Ok, thanks a lot man im really excited to get my shockers in january. I think im going to go with the set that has the 5 gallon tank then.

Yea, I started out with a 2 gallon tank and later upgraded to a 5 gallon. Its much better. a lot more air