New Guy From the Carolinas!

Hey Everybody,
To start it off Ill go ahead and introduce myself. Im a teenager from the Carolinas and I have a 2010 F150 with Hornblaster’s Conductors Special. As soon as I can find a good set I will be getting some Nathans. A friend of mine from the directed me overhere. I would like to keep my HornBlasters and Nathans on my truck If I could. One for normal use, one for EXTREME use, haha. How big of a tank would I have to get? The Hornblasters are on a lanyard and the Nathans will be on lever. Thanks for the help!

Welcome. If you have just the 1 Viair compressor that came with the kit, be aware that they have a 5 gallon per compressor warranty. If 5 gallons doesn’t let you blow the horns to your liking you can get another compressor and 5 gallon tank. Some have admitted using an 8 gallon tank with 1 Viair but they’re risking potential damage to the compressor.

If 2 compressors and 10 gallons aren’t enough then get an Oasis compressor. Our warranty isn’t limited by tank size. The XD3000 can fill 150 gallons to 150 PSI before it needs to cool down. The XD4000 can run as long as you provide power to it because it cools itself while running.

Welcome. So what size is your tank? You could get by with 5 gallons for a K3, but the 8.5 is about the minimum for a K5.

Welcome I say go with 2x5 gallon tanks or 1 12 gallon and be done with it.

Or if you don’t care about your compressor warranty, get a 19 gallon tank( ($150 on Amazon) and to cool the compressor, zip tie up a delta tfb1212ghe 200+cfm 12 volt fan to make your compressor effectively a 100% duty cycle compressor. It’ll keep your compressor near ambient temperature if you have it mounted in the bed or on the frame.

…says the guy with a dead compressor. LOL sorry had to :smiley:

The kit I currently have is the HornBlasters Conductor Special. It came with 1 Viair Comprssor and a 5 gallon tank. Is it possible to run two seperate horns off the same tank? I would like to upgrade to a 15 gallon tank range if I could. Also, to the ones with Nathans, what do you use to control your horns: Lever or solenoid? Thanks!

To use more than 1 horn on 1 tank, just use a tee fitting and one end goes into the tank, another to one air valve, the last to the second air valve. Some use a lever, some use a solenoid. Some wish there was a solenoid that could act like a lever.

Ok, so lever it is! Haha, could some one post a pic of how they mounted a lever in the cab of the truck. My Hornblasters are controlled off of a lanyard lever under the steering wheel!

There are a few pics floating around the forums in some installation threads. Some mount to the side of their center console. Some make a bracket to the floor or to the seat frame/bolt…

Does your lanyard go to a manual valve or to an electric switch?

Manual valve