new guy, need help with install

HI everyone, i just got a siege engineering hammer 3, 3 gallon tank train horn from a buddy of mine for cheap, i know you all thing siege is crap but it was cheap and i wanna install it. so my question is, is there any quick write up of a siege engineering horn, ive seen some of hornblasters but that looks different than mine, or if anyone could help me out in anyway to install it, it would be greatly appreciated. also i drive a 1995 chevy tahoe 2dr

I should think their web page would be the best place for downloads and info… call them and tell them your brother (the guy you bought them from) gave them to you as a birthday present and you need help.

what exactly do you need help with?

there are all kinds of fittings and im not sure which one goes where and where all the hoses and wires go to

how do i attach the hoses to the tank?
^^Check that out^^
First off plan out where you want everything to go… Horns, airtank compressor, etc…Next mount your horns somewhere on your truck. just make sure they arnt going anywhere lol. I used zip ties off the crush bar for mine…Now I don’t know your setup but this is pretty much how it will run out. You will have an air line running from the tank to the pressure switch. from the pressure switch you will run another line to a splitter(place it close to where your horns are)… witch will split the 1 line to idk 4 or however many horns you have. then run line from the splitter to the horns… Next you will need to do the wiring. you will ground the black wire from the pressure switch to a flat surface and run the other wire (red maybe) to a toggle switch (so you can turn the horns on and off) from the toggle switch I ran my wire to the stock horn wire. Then onto the compressor wires. once again ground the black wire and bring the other wire up. you can either hook it up to another toggle switch to turn the compressor on and off or run it to a 12 volt source, Prior to hooking it up to the battery or 12 volt source you will need to put in a fuse…Thats pretty much it. If I said anything wrong please correct me. lol Its been a long day.

ive read that, and i understand most of that but i just cant figure out how the hoses connects to the tank, im thinking i might be missing something, but not sure, if someone could send me close up pic of how there r connected it would be great.
here is the exact kit i have except i only got one of those things that looks like it is supposed to connect to the hose, so im thinking im missing one.


Ill send you one tomorrow. I need to get my camera back first.

Sorry I couldn’t get the picture today. Had a bunch of tests and my friend forgot to bring my camera back. For sure Tomorrow

One line from the tank to the valve, another from the valve to the air horn - unless you have the cheap style horns with an onboard valve. Then its just a line into the horn valve assembly and run wiring to your momentary button for horn engagement.

What compressors are you running?

i went and got some fittings so i figured out how to do all that, now the wiring is what is gettin confusing. It says i need a wire from the compressor to the battery,ground, and to the pressure valve on the tank, (i get that). then it also says i need a wire from the pressure valve to an active wire(which should be something that isnt drawing power from my battery when the truck is off right? so that it doesnt turn on the compressor when it is off. then also from the valve it says i need a ground and to a switch, i get that, but the switch need a wire to a positive of the battery, a ground, and to the valve right? so i need 2 wires goin to my battery? i just wanna make sure that im doing this right. and also where should i put fuses in this whole thing?
here is my kit


I can’t say that the compressor is going to last, but I can tell you to buy and install a check valve for the line going to your air tank. That’s the only way that compressor is going to last longer than a week.

Fuses always get installed as close to the battery as possible.

A pressure switch with two wires (or poles) are both POSITIVE contacts. One goes to the switched pin of a relay and the other goes to a FUSED, 12-volt power (aka battery).

where do i get a check valve, and wont putting the pressure guage to the battery give it power all the time which would cause the compressor to still turn on even when the truck isnt on?, and wont that be 3 wires going to my battery now?

See if any of this helps you…

sorry about the delay. my friend had my camera and kept forgetting to bring it. i hope these help…

1st image shows the wires coming out of the compressor… Ground the black wire to a flat surface, the red wire will go up towards the battery…

2nd picture is for the valve… once again ground the black wire and run the red wire up towards the front of the car, along with the other red wire from the compressor

now somewhere, wherever you would like(I did mine in the center console) you should add toggle switches to activate the horns and another to activate the compressor.

And a hint. Its easier to run the wires from the engine bay through the firewall rather than the other way around. So now that you have you toggle switches hooked up and the wires through the firewall, and have both black wires grounded you can hook up the wires to the battery and the horn normal horn button…

with the red wire from the compressor add in the fuse box(just dont put in the fuse until you are fully done with it bc it completes the circuit)… and that blue wire is the wire i used for the valve.

so now the compressor wires are fully ran, all you have to do is add in the fuse. Now on to the valve wire(its the blue one). Basically what i did was i found where the normal horns go, cut one of the wires and ran the valve wire to that. so whenever the toggle is in the on position you can honk your normal horn and the train horns will go off.

Hope these pictures help. If you need any more pictures just ask and I will try to get them on here as soon as I can.


Nice job. I put a tool box in the back of my truck last weekend and physically installed the compressor, tank and K5LA horns. This weekend I’ll be running the air hoses and wiring. This is very helpful to me.


your welcome. maybe this weekend I can get some more pics and make a full how to. but im glad I could help