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I wish I would have found this forum sooner. Cool stuff !!!

welcome to the forum.
did u buy some other horns other than Hornblasters?

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I haven’t decided yet. I have been researching Wolo and Kleinn horn systems.
I used to hate every time a train would pass my house but now I’m starting to get used to it. In some weird way that train passing by has conditioned me or brainwashed me to like train horns.
Years ago I used to go to the boneyard and pull off as many cadillac horns as possible and mount them on my truck. It was pretty cool until I hit the horn and the voltage drop would suck everything out of the battery.

To answer your question , no I haven’t bought any horn blaster products.
I have been looking to market some products online though.

well whats your budget? hornblasters has the best products out there and can most certainly give you a great deal.

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I quess around a grand. I don’t want some puny horn that I’ll regret later.
I hear several horns on a daily basis living so close to the train yard and all.
Some are low bass sound and some are higher tones, and there is this one I can hear before he arrives into town 2 miles away. I’ve checked out Leslie whistles , maybe it’s one of those but then it could be an air chime I’m not sure. One of these days I’d like to honk back in my Buick. I have read that people should be careful buying used trumpets on the forum. All I know is after a tough day at work it would be nice to lay into the horn for a few minutes. Stress relief tool.

imo. buy the nathan k3 kit. that would be perfect for your car. and suit ur needs in loudness. and i guarantee u wont be disappointed or need to upgrade.

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What’s the difference between k3 and the p3/p5 nathan models.
I like the sound of the p5 , how does the k3 compare ?

Believe me, I hear my fair share of horns every hour these trains pass by.

There are about 4 distinctive sounds that I can tell. The one that is the loudest has two trumpets facing forward and one backwards. I’m not about to try to stop a locomotive to just ask the engineer what horn he has.
I swear I can here that guy 2 or 3 miles before he’s in town.

The P series models are not as commonly used, and produce a deeper tone than the K series. The K series should sound a little louder, and be sure to hit that perfect note needed to move someone out of your way.

The K3 540 kit is currently on sale for $1349.99+shipping. It normally retails for $1500+shipping.

We are the only company privileged to sell brand new Nathan Airchimes to the public.

This was refreshing. I wished I could read every post, but i have to go back to work… But I’ll be back.The titan roms were pretty easy to figure out! led watch