New guy

Hey everyone, whats up. My name’s Mark and I’m from Oklahoma. I have a 2006 Dodge Ram with a K3LA tucked up under the bed, and I absolutely love the thing. It scares even the people who know I’m just about to hit the button… Haha. Here’s a few pics:

very nice! welcome the forum

Your front end looks awesome… Actually your whole truck does

welcome nice truck and horns!

welcome to the forum! nice pics!
how long have u had the horns?

nice truck and love the horns welcome to the forums!

Ram quad cab here to. Welcome to the forums.

Ah I just saw you have the “Big Horn Edition” lol thats great.

u saw it! u just needed to make another post about sumtin u whore! lol

Thanks guys. I’ve had the horns probably 3 or 4 months… Kinda thinkin about upgrading my air system though. The little 5 gallon tank that came with the kit doesnt allow for a very long blast so I thought maybe a couple 10 gallon tanks and an engine-driven air compressor would suffice. Found one compressor that can supply enough air by itself to run quite a few air tools. Surely that would be enough to fill 20 gallons of tanks fairly quickly…

was it an oasis? LOL
i have a 12 gallon tank and i still wanna go bigger…lol

To be honest I cant remember the brand… I just know it puts out a buttload of air. Might even put out enough to let me blow the horns constantly for as long as I want and never get low on pressure. THAT would RAWK. Hehe

when u find out let me know…

What did you do to it to custom tune it? Just wondering. And welcome to the forums :smiley:

Welcome! and if you need a more heavy duty 12v compressor does have those available along with larger tanks as well

Oh nothing really special, just took the horns apart and drilled out the air inlet hole at the base of each bell a little bit. I have a K3HA horn on my semi truck and everyone I talk to says the horns on my pickup are noticeably louder… Could be from the bigger inlet holes or could be from the extra 25-30 psi the pickup’s air system has over the semi’s. I dont know how much actual difference drilling them out made, but I figure more airflow = louder horns.

It will make it louder but it will also cause premature wear to the nozzles and diaphragms.

This is true, but no more than I really use them, they should last a while yet.

That’s true lol

True dat