New here and to train horns

Hi every one. Just introducing myself. Im just a hard working guy taking care of my family and playing with my toys when I can.

Welcome to the playpen :slight_smile: … do tell as to what toys you bringeth to the madhouse.

Nothing to classy or expensive. I put a set of Dragon express horns on my truck and powered them with a 5 gallon tank rated for 125 psi from harbor freight and a 140 psi high volume compressor from pep boys basically a home made on board air system. I took the solenoid off the horns so I can run direct into a lanyard rather than a electric switch or button and announced the completion of the install to the neighborhood with a good long loud blast on my horns lol. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum.

Yeah, the older I get, the bigger the toys.

Do you have any pics?

here are a few pics im still working out a few bugs in the system though

A belated welcome and feel free to ask questions. Someone is always willing to help, especially Hornblasters who has the best customer service around!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys.