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Got a set of Kleinn Air Horns for Christmas. I finally got around to installing them on the truck.

The kit is pretty impressive, everything fits as it should. It is a very snug fit, the compressor and tank are under the pass front of the bed, and the air horns are all installed behind the front bumper. No drilling!

The nice part about this kit is that it fits where there is space available. You are not removing the spare tire, or anything at all, you are just adding brackets! My only real gripe about the kit is the mix of quick connect and compression style air line fittings.

You can install this in your driveway, it will take you at least one full day. They suggest that it will take you 6-12 hours to install if you are mechanically inclined. I do this for a living and it took me a while.

My favorite part of this kit GMHD-734 is that you don’t see it or any part of it after it is installed. Everything tucks away real nicely. Now I do wish I had smaller hands sometimes when putting it together! We will post a video of it sometime this week. There are a few finishing touches that we want to take care of just yet.

Bottom Line, I would recommend this kit. And bring a bigger car to pick it up when it comes in! haha

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