new here

Whats up everyone was thinkin about gettin the 240 kit but had a few questions. I read some other threads and was wonderin what the psi rating is on those horns? Im guessin they are 200 from what i read and i was wonderin what had to be upgraded to get to 200 psi

welcome to the forums, they are 150psi (they sound more authentic at this psi) but most here run them at 200 and have had no problems at all

Welcome! i run mine at 200 psi and trust me the S4 are the poop!!! if you don’t want to buy a k3 or k5 for 1000+ buy the S4 they are cheaper and sound loud as honk!


Welcome to the forum

welcome to the forum!

Welcome, the compressor is what you need to update if the one that comes with that kit isn’t rated for 200 PSI.