New Honker In Arizona

Hey guys
I’m new to the horn world. I have what I believe to be an RSU-3L-LR. Kinda like these two on 8059

Except I THINK the 44 bell is supposed to be on the lowest part of the manifold facing forward, with the 31 reversed and the 25 forward. If I try to put them all the same direction, the bigger bells crash into each other. Swapping the position of the 31 and 44 allows all facing the same direction but then the 25 would bang into a flat mounting surface. No problem I guess, that’s why God made blocks of wood and paint LOL.

At any rate, I’d like to meet other honkers in the PHX, AZ area.

Oh, and I have to confess, my Every Day Honker is a DozerBoyMiller special made to sound like an S3L

Welcome to the forum. If the guys here aren’t familiar with them try the hornwhistleboard.

Welcome to the forums. I don’t know too much about Leslies but would love to hear / see your homemade stuff.

We don’t hate on PVC horns. It’s all about making noise.

Thanks guys, for a reference, jump to 11 seconds on this video to get the feel of an S3L

Now check out my video. Horns starts at 00:02. at about 00:12 I mash the gas just before closing the ball valve and shutting off the horn. You can JUST hear the Doppler as I start moving. The vid finishes with a nice Doppler run by…

DozerBoyMiller said it sounds authentic. you may have to tweak the volume levels on the players to get a better match though.

I had just finished re-tuning the horns and went out to record them… That’s why it’s a night run. There really isn’t much to see anyway. The car is an old Escort wagon with some transmission filler funnels strapped to the luggage rack LOL.

Not too shabby!

Welcome to the forum. Sounds great … love the Leslie’s!

Welcome to the forums!

Hey bud i live in phx:D. Check out the Cruise on central this april, the crowd is huge and love the horns. Im gunna try and make it out in april but cant promise that

Hi and welcome!