New Hornblasters coductors special complete kit

Just got this today, wondering how loud it is?

which horns did u get? i just got done putting in my shocker4 horns and damnnnnn at 200psi the blow my siege engineering horns away!

Shocker S4 with the Viair 280C Compressor 110/150 Pressure Switch with 3 gallon air tank.

get them installed! u will love them took me 2 hours to drill the holes, mount the horns, and wire up the valve. check out the how to section for help

I’m putting them on a 2008 toyota tundra crew max. going to drop the spare tire use a 32 by 32 3/16 aluminum plate everything will mount to that and bolt on right where the spare tire was. won’t be able to see it unless you kneel down and look underneath. how’s that sound to you? good?

Brizzal! Sounds good man! Glad you got setup. I told you they would knock siege out. Have fun and it was nice meeting you.

Be nice if I knew how to use this.

i love the shockers

Well once I install them we’ll see what happens. Can’t wait

I love my shockers… they are awesome

Well all nice meeting ya gotta go…c ya all later Thanks for your help

Brizzal Got shockers?!?!?!? sweet! just in time for black friday!

black friday = teh shitzzzz

I will be filming thats all i can say! lol

lol I have 2 batteries for my camera

lmao now i scared people in front and behind me! Lol
i got this one girl jogging today, i popped my front horns then i held them shockers…hilarious!

haha thats awesome